Who Do You Know - Evaluating Your Entrepreneurial Social Capital


MinneBar 6 (7 May 2011)
This is not a panel.


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As entrepreneurs, who we know plays a critical role in our venture creation process and the probability of our success.

We draw on advice, support, knowledge, and help from many different people in our social networks. How we use this social capital can provide us better access to financial capital, resources, novel information, necessary knowledge, and trusted feedback. Consciously assessing our entrepreneurial social capital can help us weave more productive networks, enhance our entrepreneurial expertise, and increase our competitive advantage.

In this participative session, learn how to evaluate your own entrepreneurial social capital so that you can more effectively weave your social networks for greater success.

This session builds on two previous sessions at the last two minnebars (but these are NOT prerequisites):

Percolating TurboGeeksExploring Why Innovation Networks Form The Way They Do

Schumpeters HiveConsciously Weaving Our Collaborative Innovation Networks

Get your entrepreneurial social capital worksheets here: link

Additional instructions will be provided during the session.

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