Varnish, The Good, The Awesome, and the Downright Crazy


MinneBar 7 (7 April 2012)
This is not a panel.
Learn how Varnish can cache your site for performance you never thought possible.

Time: 14:50 to 15:35

Room: Nokomis



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Varnish cache is a front-end caching server that can literally save your rear when traffic starts to hit a new level. Varnish is all about scale and minimalizing the need for extra web servers when they are unnecessary. This talk will discuss the reasons you should use varnish and why it is good, show examples of how it can literally scale your website to handling a slashdotting effect, pushing through to handling more efficiently and then showing you how to do this with dynamic content.

Now the down right crazy? Well you might just have to come and see how the cache can be utilized to make even the dynamic portions of your website scale beyond what you even thought possible.

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