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Bil MacLeslie is the Chief Executive Officer of ipHouse and Technology By Design. With over 30 years of online community and Internet experience, I'm known to have a strong reputation for getting things done.

I started my online career by operating a BBS out of my house from 1984 to 1994 while at the same time working at the University of Minnesota operating networks for the Biochemistry Department. In 1994 I also joined and after 10 years there, started ipHouse in 2004. And in 2014 I started a technical support services company, Technology by Design. There appears to be a pattern here.

I'm a former president of the Minnesota Internet Services Trade Association. I monitor public affairs and regulatory issues relating to telecom and the Internet in Minnesota, as a member of MHTA government affairs committee. I've advised lawmakers on technical legislative issues, helping draft the Minnesota anti-spam bill.

Prior to joining the 9 to 5 world in 1994, I spent a decade mastering the technical challenges of live theatre and recorded performance as a stage and sound technician. I spent three years with the Guthrie Theater and toured nationally with such acts as The Replacements, REM, The Jets, and Rod Stewart.

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