Use vagrant to escape tight coupling in SOA


MinneBar 8 (6 April 2013)
This is not a panel.
How developers can use Vagrant to make it easier for to develop with and test code.
2013-04-06 10:20

Room: Tackle



SOA is supposed to decouple development and enable teams to work independently. But many times a developer want to run a development version of a service. Unfortunatlly running a development version of someone else's service requires bootstrapping their environment which becomes more painful as the infrastructure diverges. The real solution is to give consumers of your service the control they need without requiring them to learn your development configuration or become sysadmin specialists in your framework of choice.

Here's a discussion of how you can use virtualization to create that stability and control, and a quick example of how two developers can use vagrant to make it easier for people to develop with and test their code.

This will be a presentation by [Jeff Beck]( and [Robert Tomb](

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