Thomas Knoll


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Las Vegas, NV
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Thomas is founder & CEO of, a startup advisor, and a connector for the #VegasTech community.

He has been a community architect, community cultivator, product designer, social marketer, customer developer, and startup advisor for companies including 500Startups, LaunchRock, Zappos, UserVoice, and Seesmic.


Thomas Knoll has presented 2 sessions, most recently on [[Has last session date::
 Event date
Founder support - Entrepreneurship isn't a solo sport11 April 2015
Refresh TwinCities10 May 2008
]], at [[Has event::Has event MinneBar 3]], [[Has event::Has event MinneBar 10]].

  1. Refresh TwinCities at MinneBar 3
  2. Founder support - Entrepreneurship isn't a solo sport at MinneBar 10
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