Think Live Social Networking, Technology to Get Your Audience Engaged


MinneBar 9 (12 April 2014)
This is not a panel.

Time: 09:40 to 10:25

Room: Gandhi



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Live events, podcasts, online marketing, each have their own problems of getting audiences engaged and staying engaged. Learn how to use todays web and smart phone technology to build a customized interaction specific for your needs that can replace current elements and lower costs and management of such variables as printing, polling, surveys, reporting and prize drawings.

Encourage audiences to sign up Encourage more interaction including submission of questions and comments during a live presentation Allow presenters to follow up with unanswered questions which will again increase engagement Facilitate surveys which reduces management, printing costs and reporting time Facilitate prize drawings way more efficiently and effectively with winners drawn immediately with opportunity for follow up Collection of individual contact data such as email and/or cell phone for continued communication Provide social media links such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter to encourage more digital media engagement Facilitate panel discussions with more effective Q&A through moderation Provide sponsorship outlets to increase revenue Overall, it is simple, effective and dynamic.

If you're a company or organization that wants to learn about effective audience engagement sign up for this session.

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