The Myth of Digital Influence


MinneBar 7 (7 April 2012)
This is not a panel.
Measuring digital influence: current realities and future possibilities.

Time: 11:40 to 12:25

Room: Calhoun



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Klout, Kred, and other "social influence" ratings companies are self-appointed masters of measuring how you and I are influenced by what we see and hear online.

But let's talk really about how big a problem measuring digital influence is, and then just how well various companies are actually doing that. (And Klout is barely at the starting line)

I'll present a snappy 20 minute tour of the challenge, how current efforts are actually measuring or not measuring social influence online, and then provide a chart of how social influence could be used by marketers, politicians, social trend setters and even you and your neighbors. We'll look into big data projects like Factual and Dachis Group's Social Business Index, and attempts to use DNA in marketing to see how meaningfully we're currently measuring social influence and how much father we need to go in order to effectively use that measurement in the marketplace and in society.

Then I propose we launch into a discussion of ideas about a) how to accurately measure digital influence and b) how measurements can actually be put to use in business and in our daily lives and c) legal and privacy concerns raised by measuring digital influence. Real world experiences and cases are very welcome.

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