The Evolution of Advertising


MinneBar 5 (22 May 2010)
This is not a panel.


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Advertising is just one of many industries that's undergoing a top to bottom industrial transformation enabled (and some might say enforced) by new technologies, but it's one that touches all of us.

Old practices are fast becoming obsolete and new ones are still being figured out. Increasingly, attention can no longer be bought. Instead it must be earned. So how is that going to happen? What are the new rules of engagement? Is good targeting a bad thing? How can ads become experiences that people want? What actually makes us buy these days... how has it changed... and why?

This session will offer some context for the discussion informed by some first hand experience in the trenches of today's ad game, but come prepared to mix it up and participate. After all, we're all consumers. We're all marketed to. And more than ever, we're all media.

Panelists: Rocky Novak, Aki Spicer, and Marty Wetherall from Fallon

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