The Coding Samurai: The Way of the Computer Warrior


MinneBar 10 (11 April 2015)
This is not a panel.
2015-04-11 10:15

Room: Challenge


[[Image:|120x120px|border|baseline|link=Ian Felton]]
Ian Felton

The technologies we use are constantly changing. As consultants, the race to keep up doesn't end. However, other more important things don't change. Drawing on millennia-old lessons, this talk is an explication of Bushido-inspired aphorisms to remind us how to walk the IT career path gracefully.

This presentation is tailored for those interested in a career as a software consultant or those who already are. However, full-time employees can also find plenty of value in this series of "reminders." This presentation isn't about how to set up an S-Corp or which CPA to use. It’s about how to stay relevant and not lose yourself. It’s about a code of conduct to strive for that benefits you and those around you. It’s something to take with you on the path from someone who has taken a similar path.

Plus, I will be aided by my pet cat.

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<img id="photo_img_13221712575" data-defer-src="" src="" width="305" height="305" alt="Kunming Temple" class="pc_img defer" border="0">
-- Photo credit, Ian Felton, Kunming, China

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