Show presenter photo


This template takes a string and then displays a photo in a div container for that presenter.

If you have questions about this template please use the talk page.


{{Show presenter photo|Jamie Thingelstad}}

You typically will use this by passing in a variable from a query.


This template is easily used in a number of ways, but most commonly as a template for a semantic query.

For example, to display the presenter photos for all presenters ever, this query works:

{{#ask: [[Category:Presenter]]
| ?#
| mainlabel =-
| headers = hide
| format=template
| template=Show presenter photo
| order=asc
| limit = 10000 }}

Note that the query passes the results of the ask into the template.

To Do

If there are features or changes that to make to this template please add them to the to do page.


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