Social Web Design: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


MinneBar 5 (22 May 2010)
This is not a panel.


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Social media has had a major impact on contemporary web design. Even "non-social" sites have been affected. Coupled with the wave of imitators trying to make their sites feel just like Facebook or Twitter, the look the web itself has changed. Is this really a change for the better?

While many hallmarks of this brave new web are positive (interactivity, simple designs, more white space, the emergence of true web typography), some are downright destructive (usability fails, interface inconsistencies, lack of planning for new feature integration, ever-changing user agreements and privacy policies). Sadly, the success/popularity of some social sites has overshadowed their basic design flaws.

Come prepared discuss what designers, developers and even users can do to get things back on track.

To paraphrase the late Michael Jackson: It's true we'll make a better web. Just you and me.

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