Silos are for Farmers


MinneBar 7 (7 April 2012)
This is a panel session.
The best websites are made when specialists work collaboratively, not in silos.

Time: 16:50 to 17:35

Room: Theater


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The best websites are made when specialists work collaboratively, not in silos. Different departments approach projects from distinct frameworks, and personality types complicate things further. At a minimum, team members have to communicate; its even better when they get along. Amazing things ship when a team truly collaborates.

In this panel discussion, a dev, front-end dev/designer, UXA, and QA will discuss how to think outside the silo on your next project.

Example discussion topics:

  • Tips for cross-discipline communication
  • Developers vs. QA and other adversarial anti-patterns
  • Communicating complex user experiences

Well share real-world tactics to help teams work better and together. We will also ask participants to talk about their own ideas, tips, and experiences.


Andrew Leaf, QA

Software Test Engineer, Clockwork Active Media Systems

Before joining Clockwork, Andrew managed the quality assurance team at a video game company. At Clockwork, Andrew tests websites, apps, and the occasional crumple zone. Prior to working in QA, Andrew managed a musical instrument store, fixed amplifiers, and, as a 7-year old, studied paleontology.

Kevin O'Brien, front-end developer/designer

Kristi McKinney, UXA

At Clockwork Kristi works on content strategy, social strategy and user experience. Her previous job was as a product and web manager for a financial services company. Before entering the awesome world of web technology, Kristi worked in academia studying international mass communication.

Matt Gray, dev

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