Scott K Davis


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Minneapolis, MN
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Scott K Davis has presented 1 sessions, most recently on [[Has last session date::
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Windows Phone 7 What You Should Know7 May 2011
]], at [[Has event::Has event MinneBar 6]].

  1. Windows Phone 7 What You Should Know at MinneBar 6

Business - Scott is the current president of BizLounge ( a networking group for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial business from the University of St. Thomas and is an adjunct faculty member in the Information Technology Management masters program at St. Mary's University. Scott has been a founding member of 5 businesses.

Technical '�_��_ Scott has been a software consultant since 1999, independently employed since 2008. Scott focuses primarily on the Microsoft technology stack, specializing in Silverlight development, but has worked as a Java developer for a number of years. Scott is the leader of the Twin Cities Silverlight User Group and a regional conference speaker. In addition to his Silverlight consulting work, he is currently building an application for the Windows Phone 7 as part of his involvement in a new startup, QONQR.

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