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1) Do “data science” 2) ??? 3) PROFIT! +Joe Janzen  +, Esey Nemariam  +, Brett Stime  +,
10 Lessons about Culture Change and Becoming a Catalyst for Good +Beth McKeever  +
101 Ways to Make Cool Maps +Paul Wickman  +


2 for 1 - Neighborhoods Online and Social Advocacy via Twitter +Steven Clift  +


3D Printing on a Makerbot +Joseph Rueter  +


410 Gone: A Discussion of Burnout, Depression, and Finding Happiness in the Technical World +Garrick van Buren  +


5 Crippling Habits That Kill Your Productivity (And the Tools to Fix It) +Amanda Ingle  +


7 Deadly Sins of Startup Marketing +Curt Prins  +


A Blog is a Book is a Blog +Lily Coyle  +
A Bootstrapper's Guide to the Startup Universe +Adah Ojile  +
A Conversation: Racial Diversity in the Tech Space +David Edgerton  +
A Country Club For Tech +Joseph Rueter  +
A Highly Kinetic, Semi Dangerous Exposition +William Gurstelle  +
A Talk About Talks +Jenna Pederson  +
A look around the corner: How permission-based marketing, data-alignment, and RFID will shape the future of commerce. +Jeffery Giesener  +
A11y Moneyball - 3 Common Mistakes of Website Accessibility +Bill Tyler  +
AJAX (MinneDemo 1) +Nate Schutta  +
Accelerating the growth of Minnesota’s digital games industry +Nicolaas VanMeerten  +, Evva Kraikul  +
Across the Spectrum: UX Meets IoT +David Quimby  +, Lukas Johnson  +
Action Chess (Demo) +Martin Grider  +
Ad hoc Processing data visualization session +Michael Heuer  +
Adago (Demo) +Joe Sriver  +
Agile Design (MinneBar 1) +Ben Edwards  +
Agile Financial Modeling +Patrick Donohue  +, Phil Pogge  +
Agile methods for infrastructure groups +Bryan Welch  +
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