NoSQL Patterns for Startups


MinneBar 7 (7 April 2012)
This is a panel session.
Come share your experiences with NoSQL data stores.

Time: 16:50 to 17:35

Room: Nokomis


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The flexibility and scalability promises of NoSQL databases makes them an exciting option for designing new systems. By now, NoSQL has been around long enough for many of us to have had a chance to explore it. As a long time SQL guy, I've worked on some non-relational projects but am now designing a service using MongoDB. I'd like to assemble a handful (or so) people who've deployed solutions using non-relational approaches and hear their stories. My primary interest is document databases (e.g. MongoDB, CouchDB) but anyone with a story to tell is welcome. Be prepared to give a quick overview of your project and answer a few questions from the crowd. Let's assume the audience will have at least a "PowerPoint" familiarity with the various NoSQL paradigms (document, key/value, column).

Come prepared to share your success, misconceptions, lessons learned and catastrophic failures.

Email me at if you'd like to share your experiences.

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