Natasha Tong


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Minneapolis, MN
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Natasha Tong has presented 1 sessions, most recently on [[Has last session date::
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Get Connected: Resource Map Your Way to Success7 May 2011
]], at [[Has event::Has event MinneBar 6]].

  1. Get Connected: Resource Map Your Way to Success at MinneBar 6

Natasha Tong, Knowledge Integrator and Innovation Activist

Natasha has worked in technical product management and development over the past 15 years. Trained as a Mechanical Engineering and business development, Natasha has led the design, manufacturing, marketing of services, businesses and products to the global market in multiple industries.

As an independent consultant, Natasha currently designs innovation models and framework and provides leadership business training and development in profit, non-profit organizations and public school settings. Natasha's work is about engage people and organization in wanting something different, better or more with the focus in innovation since "the first step of defining the problem is always the hardest."

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