MinneDemo 14


This event occurred 2041 days ago.
Start date July 18, 2013
End date July 18, 2013
Attendance 519
Registrations 852
Image MinneDemo Logo.png
Location Aria, 105 N 1st St, Minneapolis, MN 55401
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Type MinneDemo


Fresh Vine

Software designed to help Churches/Non-Profits stay focused on their mission of engaging and serving people.


Kona is a realtime collaboration tool in the same space as Basecamp, Asana, and others, that combines work and personal productivity management across a range of platforms and devices.

Real-time bus arrivals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Built at Hack for MN!


Live Sports Enterprise Content Management System and Social Network Proven player centered sports management software. Team and league CMS functionality with extensive statistics provided via web/mobile tools.


“TasteMapper” which analyzes thousands of data points pulled from and creates visual relationships between popular artists.

The Choosatron

The Choosatron is an interactive fiction arcade machine designed to encourage interest in electronics, creative writing, and game design in kids and adults alike.


Wander is an interactive adventure-finding application that uses your location to create a whimsical goal-based itinerary.


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