MinneDemo 13


This event occurred 2261 days ago.
Start date December 11, 2012
End date December 11, 2012
Attendance 433
Registrations 823
Image MinneDemo Logo.png
Location Aria, 105 N 1st St, Minneapolis, MN 55401
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Type MinneDemo


Andy Grant

Jatinder Singh

Jesse O'Neill-Oine

John Cosgrove

Martin Grider

Martin is a freelance/contract developer, specializing in iOS applications since late 2008. He's written games using both the high level Objective-C APIs as well as dabbled in in C++ and raw OpenGL ES draw calls for maximum cross-platform compatibility. He is passionate about mobile game development and board game design. His first app was a game you can still find in the App store featuring elements of Chess and Tetris, called ActionChess. He has also had the chance to work on some high profile iPhone apps, including Best Buy's flagship mobile store, as well as apps for Buzzfeed and Adolfson & Peterson Construction. He is a proud member of the IGDA, and co-organizer for the local Twin Cities chapter, where he has presented on iPhone Game Development, as well as his own apps and games.

Mike Hugo

Scott Vlaminck

Steve Johnson

Zach Supalla

Zachary Crockett

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  1. Spark (Demo) (Presenter Zachary Crockett, Zach Supalla)
  2. SmartThings (Demo) (Presenter Jesse O'Neill-Oine, Scott Vlaminck)
  3. Triplemap (Presenter Mike Hugo)
  4. MyIGDIs (Presenter Steve Johnson)
  5. COSiT (Presenter John Cosgrove, Andy Grant)
  6. Oppo-Citrus (Presenter Martin Grider)
  7. Schaweet App (Presenter Jatinder Singh)



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