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LEADS: Belinda Kveen & Josh Renner


  • Vic's (St. Anthony Main), great location
  • free parking in ramp
    • TIP: advertise free parking better

FOOD and DRINK[edit]

  • 2 tickets each for free beer (Nordeast and Summit something)
  • cash bar for anything else
    • RECOMMENDATION: better beer selection?
  • Food: appetizers, good but not great


  • final cost: $4827, including $300 for DJ
  • 7pm - 10pm worked well
    • TIP: bring cash or checkbook to pay DJ on the spot
  • check-in flow didn't work with entrances, make sure you are set up to catch people on the way in
    • TIP: assign volunteers to check-in and man giveaways
    • might not be worth the trouble to do the EventBrite as people will be coming and going all night
  • BarCamp giveaways were a hit
  • non-sponsor giveaways are not allowed; hit up sponsors early for a chance to giveaway stuff


LEAD: Genevieve Ruebel

  • Vendor: Duck Screen Printing ( 612-750-9983)
  • T-shirt Design was well liked
  • printer delivered on time
    • TIP: have them delivered to the loading dock to keep Best Buy happy
  • this was all managed by one volunteer; perhaps that is a good way to set it up
  • final cost: $6970
  • t-shirt breakdown: ran out of ladies shirts early
    • Men's S = 60
    • Men's M = 195
    • Men's L = 252
    • Men's XL = 152
    • Men's XXL = 91
    • Women's S = 11
    • Women's M = 21
    • Women's L = 15
    • TIP: you can't tell just by looking at the tag in the shirt if it is a ladies shirt, so make sure they are labeled on the table


(Paul Cantrell, Peter Edstrom, Ashleigh Lincoln, Dan Huynh)

Printed Materials Design[edit]

Info Packet[edit]

  • Session Grid (Luke)
  • About Minnestar Page (Jamie)
    • A 1 paragraph intro and some web links might be good to help spread the word. Blurb about the history of the organization, maybe its growth over the years. Pull content from the Annual Report.
  • Large Sponsor Poster (Ben)
  • Community Supporter Page (Dan)

Order for Printers[edit]

  • Vendor: Sir Speedy (in NE)
  • Info Packet
    • 750 copies of the About Minnestar Page
    • 750 copies of Sponsors (may be 2 pages)
    • 750 copies of Community Supporters
      • 2011 700 - Packet (1st 4 pages color).pdf
    • 750 copies of the schedule grid
      • MinneBar6-Schedule.pdf
    • 750 copies of the BestBuy map
      • Best-buy-floor-plan.pdf
    • 8 copies of signs with arrows directing people to rooms
  • Signs
    • All sponsors are listed at
    • print a small poster (size ??) for each room for each sponsor
      • 2011 4 - w3i.pdf 2011 10 - iphouse.pdf
    • a few large sponsor posters on foamcore (size ??)
      • 2011 sponsor-poster.pdf
    • table tents
      • 2011 10 - table-tents-b.pdf

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Ad-hoc sessions[edit]

  • used standing markerboard with grid supplied by Best Buy (provided our own markers)
  • had a volunteer periodically update to the session tool throughout the day

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Digital Schedule / Session Planning Tool[edit]

  • Team Member Responsible: Paul Cantrell
  • Session URL:
  • View the schedule, rooms, and your selected sessions URL: tbd
  • URL/iCal feed for digital signage: tbd
  • QR:
  • HIGHLY successful and awesome addition to MinneBar

Digital signage from Tightrope Media Systems[edit]

  • Team Member Responsible: Peter Edstrom
  • TRMS Contact: John Reilly
Location Equipment Content
Near the Front Door TRMS Stand 1 Twitter Stream
Near the Food TRMS Stand 2 Main Schedule
Sandy’s Place TRMS Tabletop 1 Sponsor rotation

Day-of Setup[edit]

  • Team Member Responsible: Ashleigh
  • Setup Team 4-5 volunteers putting up signs (also helped with registration and various other things)
  • Plan to have most things set up by 8am on the day of MinneBar
  • Setup includes
    • taping posters up in each room
    • setting up the registration table
    • folding and taping the table tents, distributing them to all tables
    • additional arrows and signage to get to hard to find rooms
      • TIP: this could really be improved- need at least 2 arrow signs pointing to the right with the Learning Center rooms listed

Info Team Bios[edit]

  • Paul Cantrell: Freelance software developer, composer, pianist, ne'er-do-well bohemian
  • Peter Edstrom: Change agent. Strategic Direction. Project manager. Developer.
  • Dan Huynh: My name is Dan Huynh and I'm a graduate of the University of St. Thomas. I'm currently working at the University of Minnesota as a technical trainer. When I'm not working, I'm running a national non-profit organization dedicated to building young leaders of the Vietnamese-American community. I've been to one MinneBar and one MinneDemo. I'm an avid Minnesota Vikings fan and a WordPress junkie. I'm not exactly sure where I fit into the picture. All I can say at this point is I'm excited to help and am willing to do whatever is needed to help the committee be successful. If you all can give me a bit of direction I can definitely contribute.
  • Ashleigh Lincoln: I work at Ultralingua as the marketing and communications coordinator, and I've attended MinneDemo a few times. Since I'm band new to the logistics side of all this I'm not sure exactly where I'll be most helpful, but I'm happy to help out wherever needed.
  • Elliot Robia: Elliot has a lot of experience with scrappy startup marketing and could be a nice asset for the team.


LEADS: Amanda Ingle and Alex Ryan


  • Breakfast Vendor: Chowgirls (with substantial discount from them); Amy Perna 612-203-0786
  • awesome spread of fruit and bagels and breads and granola
  • started with one line, but had to add a second around 8:30


  • Lunch Vendor: Chowgirls
  • sandwiches, pasta salad, mixed greens salad, vegetarian option was particularly appreciated
  • 1 veg line and 3 identical main lines


  • Snack Vendor: Coborns Delivers
  • Coborns was an amazing solution- they delivered pallets of soda and water and snacks and ice to fill in all of the gaps we had in the food solutions
  • they delivered everything in insulated tubs at 8AM to the docks and came back and picked up the tubs and pallets at 4pm (ice was fine all day in the tubs)
  • Details:
    • Sodas = 41 36-pks (1476) cans, mixed variety (this was also too much and we gave away at least 5 36-pks at the end)
    • Water = 53 24-pks (1272 bottles) of 16 oz. waters
    • Ice = 900 lbs of ice (way too much, could have gotten by with less than 1/2 that, but the extra was used for After Party beer so it worked out)
    • Snacks = 3 big bags of peanuts, 3 big packs of goldfish, 5 big bags of Gardettos, 5 big bags of pretzels (could have used a little more snacks)
  • Coffee: we convinced Caribou to be open, which is ideal


  • Beer Vendor: Chowgirls
  • beers: Cripin Cider, ???????
    • Crispin Cider ran out
  • 2 bartenders
  • free beer for all
  • started with around 300 and ended with around 40 at 7:30
  • Ben had music playing via laptop


  • some composting was available
  • lunch line was not bad
  • extra food was put out at After Party
  • 4 ice tubs were provided by Best Buy
  • could use more than 1-2 volunteers on refilling the soda in the ice tubs all day
  • Vendor from past: Melanie Vejdani, Hire A Host, 952-426-2004 office, 952-451-0031 cell

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  • We should add volunteers to EventBrite just to keep the numbers correct


  • registration tables, table cloths
  • easels
  • ice tubs
  • tape

Pre-party Team.pdf T-shirt Team.pdf Info Team.pdf Food Team.pdf Happy Hour Team.pdf

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