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 Has trackPresenterHourMinute
Building Web Apps DiscussionBen Edwards940
Phonegap + jQuery Mobile = AwesomeBrad Marsh1040
The Myth of Digital InfluenceRohn Jay Miller1140
IP: Your Super Secret Weapon Against the Evil CompetitionJustin Porter
Sean Solberg
3D Printing on a MakerbotJoseph Rueter1450
Scaling a Startup from 3 to 30 to 300Mark Gritter
Sara Cowles
Rob Benson
5 Crippling Habits That Kill Your Productivity (And the Tools to Fix It)Amanda Ingle1650


 Has trackPresenterHourMinute
OpenPGP-GnuPG Key Signing PartyMichael Heuer940
What's New in PHP 5.4Michael Stowe1040
Percolate Your Trep Net - Expanding Your Entrepreneurial Social CapitalDrew Fleck1140
Word Nerd: The Quick and Dirty Guide to Web and Social Media Content Done RightLynne Morioka1350


 Has trackPresenterHourMinute
OpenStreetMap 201Ian Dees940
Lightning Talks & DemosLuke Francl1040
How to Get a Job at a Major Software Company Even Though You're not a Geek or a NerdKay Roseland
Joan Watson
Collaborative Multi-Touch Books for the iPadPeter Edstrom
Elisa Pluhar
Founder Speed DatingJatinder Singh
Casey Allen
WordPress Plugin Speed DatingMykl Roventine1550
Getting Started with jQuery MobileBrad Broulik1650


 Has trackPresenterHourMinute
Publish or Perish or Self-Publish: From Franklin to eBook Same Game, New RulesDesignPatrick Rhone
Peter Edstrom
Tom Kerber
David Hedrick Skarjune
Recruiting For Start Ups 2012 (Or any Size Company)Paul DeBettignies1040
Gentoo Linux, or Why in the World You Should Compile EverythingDonnie Berkholz1140
Business Apps for the Corporate EnvironmentRich Hoeg1350
Drupal and Your Application Database - A LoveHate RelationshipTom Edwards1450
SQL Server Performance Tuning with Execution PlansEric Zierdt1550
Automating Infrastructure with Opscode ChefBryan Brandau1650


 Has trackPresenterHourMinute
Developing an Android RESTful Client AppBrad Armstrong
Jeremy Haberman
Gearman: A Job Server to ScaleMike Willbanks1040
Business Idea Speed Dating 2.0Albert Hepp1140
Global Robotics Innovation ParkNena Street1350
Rethinking the User Experience for MobileAmy Smith1450
Leveraging Zend Framework for Sending Push NotificationsMike Willbanks1550
The Secrets of International Talent AcquisitionCliff Robbins1650


 Has trackPresenterHourMinute
410 Gone: A Discussion of Burnout, Depression, and Finding Happiness in the Technical WorldGarrick van Buren940
Deploy Web Apps Automatically with GitHub & AWSChris Zweber1040
IOS Development for the BeginnerJustin Peck1140
Software Development for Healthcare DataWade Schulz1350
Beyond DevOps: User-Centered ITJeff Sussna1450
Running a Virtual Server with ConfidenceDevelopmentJamie Thingelstad1550
Nailing Your First Client: Customer Acquisition for GeeksCurt Prins1650


 Has trackPresenterHourMinute
A Bootstrapper's Guide to the Startup UniverseAdah Ojile940
Crowdfunding: Fact or Crap?Jeffrey C. Robbins
Colin Hirdman
Zach Robins
Patrick E. Donohue
Harold Slawik
Joe Serrano
Every HTTP Status CodeJamie Thingelstad
Garrick van Buren
Musician + Internet. Discuss.Paul Cantrell1350
Varnish, The Good, The Awesome, and the Downright CrazyMike Willbanks1450
NoSQL Patterns for StartupsJaim Zuber
Christian Oestreich
Grant Wood
Dan Johansson
Derek Anderson


 Has trackPresenterHourMinute
Scalable, Adaptive, Agnostic: the Next-Generation CMS Authors Need You to BuildMeghan Seawell940
Leveraging Cloud Hosting: Principles & ProfitsMike Horwath1040
Managing Your IT Career: Part IVPaul DeBettignies1140
What is Drupal?Peter Johnson1350
Lessons on Recruiting Open Source Contributors from the Google Summer of CodeDonnie Berkholz1450
Asynchronous Social PythoningMike Bjerkness
Paul DeCoursey
Improving the Performance and Stability of your iOS AppMatt Ronge1650


 Has trackPresenterHourMinute
Fundraising in MinnesotaMike Bollinger
Jeff Pesek
Jim Moar
Troy Kopischke
Justin Kaufenberg
Tony Abena
Michael Gorman
What's Your WHY?Jeffry Brown
Dan Wallace
Mobile Web Flow Best PracticesMichael Stowe1140
Color Theory: Hot-Neutral-AnchorJohn Mindiola III1350
HTML5: The Coming Sea-change. Are You Ready?Ketan Kakkad1450
What We Don't KnowChris Coyier1550
Silos are for FarmersMatt Gray
Andrew Leaf
Kristi McKinney
Kevin O'Brien
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