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This event occurred 2844 days ago.
Start date May 7, 2011
End date May 7, 2011
Attendance 750
Registrations 1217
Location Best Buy Headquarters, 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield, MN 55423
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101 Ways to Make Cool Maps
by Paul Wickman

Ancient UNIX Tools You Should be Using but Probably Aren't
by Scott Jann

Ban Helvetica Part 2: How to Pair Fonts
by Garrick van Buren

Brain-computer Interfaces: Hacking Wetware
by Mark Beckman

BrandCamp @ BarCamp: Bootstrapping Your Brand
by Amy Ellis, Michelle Riggen-Ransom, Stephanie Bullis

Building The Tech Community You Want to See
by Gregg Lind

Building a File System From Scratch
by Mark Gritter

Bulletproof WordPress
by Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott

Business Idea Speed Dating: Idea Guys versus Geeks versus Entrepreneurs
by Albert Hepp

Color Theory & Consumption: A Matter of Life & Death?
by John Mindiola III

Content is a Banquet: Trends, Tactics, Tools
by David Hedrick Skarjune

Creating an Early Stage Fund - Group Discussion
by Kevin Spreng

Design + Dev + QA + Ops =
by Jeff Sussna

Do Not Track: Remarketers, Tracking Bugs, and Online Privacy
by Garrick van Buren, Jamie Thingelstad

Facebook: Fan Pages versus Tabs versus Apps
by Matthew Shilts

Five Marketing Points to Tackle BEFORE You Start Coding
by Curt Prins

From Open Source to Open Space: The Growth of Coworking and Collaboration Spaces in Minnesota and Across the Globe
by Don Ball, Chris Dykstra

Fundraising from Minnesota
by Jeff Pesek, Mike Bollinger, Matt Bauer, Jon Dahl, Darren Cox, Lief Larson

Geeks Connecting Neighbors - Tech Input Session
by Steven Clift

Get Connected: Resource Map Your Way to Success
by Natasha Tong, Jackie Levin

Get More From Your Data
by Ben Peirce, Aaron Bannin

Growing Pains: Life of a Tech Startup
by David Atkinson

Growing Your iPhone and iPad App Business
by Ryan Ruud

HTML5, CSS3, & Mobile: Responsive Design
by Mike Bollinger

Hey Startups, Ask an Ad Agency (and Vice Versa)
by Marty Wetherall

How to Raise Investment for Your Startup, Guaranteed
by Jon Dahl

How to Start a Company Based on U of M Technology
by Justin Porter

I Think I Want to Be a Startup
by Scott Davis

I Yam What I Am
by Rich Hoeg

Integrating with and building social networks
by Devin Rhode

Intro to iPhone Game Development
by Martin Grider

Introduction to Android Development for Startups
by Donn Felker

JVM Bytecode for Dummies
by Charles Oliver Nutter

Making Music Like a Nerd II
by Selah Ben-Haim

Malvertising, Black-hat SEO, Phishing
by Rich Graves

Managing Your IT Career: Part III
by Paul DeBettignies

MinneBar on MinneBar
by Jamie Thingelstad

Mirah: A Pragmatic Replacement for Java
by Charles Oliver Nutter

Negotiating Consulting Contracts That Work
by Robert Altman

Open Analytics Discussion
by Dan Atkins, Sean Larson, Jean-Marie Bertoncelli

Open Source Hardware
by Hans Rempel

OpenGL ES from the Ground Up
by Paul Johnson

OpenStreetMap 101
by Ian Dees

Personal Rapid Transit
by Ian Bicking

Pseudo Elements for Fun and Profit
by Chris Coyier

Putting a Neighborhood Online: Creating Sustainable Online Communities
by Peter Fleck

Recruiting For Start Ups (Or any Size Company)
by Paul DeBettignies

S is for Strategy
by Dave Lee

Six Reasons to Open an Offline Store (Especially if you Sell Online) & How to do it Right (or at Least More Right)
by Daniel Kent

Startup Tools
by Colin Tuggle

The Great Escape From The Not So Great Career Rut
by Michael Mason Norman

The Hardware Startup: From Napkin To Retail Shelf
by Matt Bauer

The Missing Web Curriculum: What Every Web Professional Should Have Learned
by Jeff Lin

by CT Yeung

What Does Lean Even Mean? or Bootstrapping Your Way to a Pivot
by Zack Steven, Colin Hirdman

What the F is Social Curation?
by Tim Erickson

When WordPress Gives You too Little and Drupal too Much, Choose Contao
by Tonu Mikk

Where My (Tech) Ladies At? - Let's Connect
by Jacque Urick

Who Do You Know - Evaluating Your Entrepreneurial Social Capital
by Drew Fleck

Why Don't You Blog More?
by Joseph Rueter

Wikis with Structured Data
by Jamie Thingelstad

Windows Phone 7 What You Should Know
by Scott K Davis

WordPress Geek-Out
by Toby Cryns, Peter Fleck


Albert Hepp

Amy Ellis

Ben Peirce

CT Yeung

Charles Oliver Nutter

Chris Coyier

Chris Dykstra

Colin Hirdman

Colin Tuggle

Curt Prins

Dan Atkins

Daniel Kent

Darren Cox

Dave Lee

David Atkinson

David Hedrick Skarjune

Devin Rhode

Don Ball

Donn Felker

Drew Fleck

Gregg Lind

Hans Rempel

Ian Bicking

Ian Dees

Jackie Levin

Jacque Urick

Jamie Thingelstad

Jamie is CTO of SPS Commerce, the retail industry's most broadly adopted cloud services platform. Previously, he served as CTO for leading financial publishers including the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, Enterprise Media Group of Dow Jones and MarketWatch, Inc. He was the founding CTO of BigCharts, the leading provider of financial tools and information to consumers and financial services companies via the web. In 1999, BigCharts was acquired by MarketWatch and the technology is still used by Dow Jones & Company today. In addition, Jamie has developed and managed products and technologies for properties including Barron’s, Virtual Stock Exchange, Dow Jones Newswires and Dow Jones Indexes.

Jean-Marie Bertoncelli

Jeff Lin

Jeff Pesek

Jeff Sussna

John Mindiola III

Jon Dahl

Joseph Rueter

Justin Porter

Justin Porter has numerous years of experience in a variety of technology and business roles. His most recent position was working in an environment where he was responsible for launching high technology-based start-up companies. He previously worked with a variety of consulting clients in a professional services role. He has a balanced mix of consulting, industry, and technical experiences, allowing him to be leveraged in all phases of a company. Mr. Porter has experience across many technology sectors including life sciences, physical and engineering sciences, software and information technology, and agriculture. Mr. Porter holds a BSB in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and an MBA from the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management.

Kevin Spreng

Lief Larson

Mark Beckman

Mark Gritter

Martin Grider

Martin is a freelance/contract developer, specializing in iOS applications since late 2008. He's written games using both the high level Objective-C APIs as well as dabbled in in C++ and raw OpenGL ES draw calls for maximum cross-platform compatibility. He is passionate about mobile game development and board game design. His first app was a game you can still find in the App store featuring elements of Chess and Tetris, called ActionChess. He has also had the chance to work on some high profile iPhone apps, including Best Buy's flagship mobile store, as well as apps for Buzzfeed and Adolfson & Peterson Construction. He is a proud member of the IGDA, and co-organizer for the local Twin Cities chapter, where he has presented on iPhone Game Development, as well as his own apps and games.

Marty Wetherall

Matt Bauer

Matthew Shilts

Michael Mason Norman

Michelle Riggen-Ransom

Mike Bollinger

Natasha Tong

Paul DeBettignies

Paul Johnson

Paul Wickman

Peter Fleck

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Rich Graves

Rich Hoeg

Robert Altman

Ryan Ruud

Scott Davis

Scott Jann

Scott K Davis

Sean Larson

Selah Ben-Haim

Stephanie Bullis

Steve Borsch

Steven Clift

Tim Elliott

Tim Erickson

Toby Cryns

Tonu Mikk

Zack Steven

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