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Garrick van Buren is a web app product strategy consultant, web font expert, and open web advocate.

He has assisted Westlaw, Star Tribune, LifeTime Fitness, Sun Microsystems, Target, Best Buy,, and countless start-ups in developing and maintaining a compelling, sustainable, web presence. Garrick co-founded and contributes to the and communities, and continues to publish one of the first podcasts – The First Crack Podcast. Recently, Garrick has built Typerighter - a quiet, cross-device writing environment.

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Blending creativity & pragmatism. Imagining the future & building things. Strategist. Designer. Entrepreneur.
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Co-Founder of Recursive Awesome and Owner of Localtone, LLC - Minneapolis, MN based company developing for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7.
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Luke Francl is a long-time web application developer, using everything from Perl to Tcl (yes, really!). Lately, he's focused on Ruby on Rails and Google App Engine. A Y Combinator alumni, he is also co-founder of Minne✱, which organizes MinneBar, one of the largest BarCamps in the world. He is the co-author of the PeepCode ebook "Receiving Email with Ruby" and has spoken at conferences around the world.
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Martin has been developing iPhone applications since late 2008. Before that, he cut his programming chops working on server-side web development. He's written games using both the high level Objective-C APIs as well as dabbled in in C++ and raw OpenGL ES draw calls for maximum cross-platform compatibility. He is passionate about mobile game development and board game design. His first app was a game you can still find in the App store featuring elements of Chess and Tetris, called Action Chess. He has also had the chance to work on some high profile iPhone apps, including Best Buy's flagship mobile store, as well as apps for Buzzfeed and Adolfson & Peterson Construction. He is a proud member of the IGDA, where he has presented for the local Twin Cities chapter on iPhone Game Development, and using the Cocos2D framework.
Editorial Product Manager for NPR's Project Argo. Board member for Center for Public Integrity. Adjunct faculty at Poynter Institute.
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Mike Bollinger is a designer, coder, entrepreneur, and explorer. He is founder of Livefront, a mobile software design & development firm, and co-founder of TECHdotMN, a media group covering technology news in Minnesota. Mike has been designing and building mobile and web software for 14 years with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. He is an active member of the Minnesota technology community, a regular speaker at local events, and is on the Board of Directors for two non-profit organizations: Cheerful Givers and BizLounge. In his spare time Mike is an avid world traveler, a musician, a photographer, and a super-fast-sailboat-racer-guy.
Mike Willbanks is a software engineer manager at CaringBridge, a nonprofit providing free websites that connect people experiencing a significant health challenge to family and friends. He has more than a decade of experience programming the web with the majority being with PHP. He is a Zend Certified Engineer and focuses on high availability and high performance applications. Mike organizes the MNPHP User Group and has a passion for knowledge sharing and contributing back to the community.
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Paul fell in love with programming at first sight on an Apple ][+ in 1982, and never looked back. Living a secret double life as a classically trained composer and pianist, he brings a musician's passion for aesthetics and nuanced detail to the craft of software.
Paul DeBettignies is a Minnesota IT Recruiter, the VP Recruiting at HireCast Consulting, author of the Minnesota Headhunter blog and Co Founder and Coordinator of Minnesota Recruiters.

Paul is a frequent local and national speaker and article contributor on recruiter, HR, career, networking and social media topics. He is also involved in the Minneapolis and St Paul technology, marketing and social media community as a sponsor, volunteer and mentor.

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Founder and Executive Director, - The world's first election information website in 1994 and now host of local online community participation. Host of the Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum - Digital fun with 700 neighbors. Public speaker across 30 countries. Really bullish on next big idea -
Toby is a full-time WordPress designer and developer with The Mighty Mo! Design Co. He has 13 years of website-designing and building experience, dating back to pre-WYSIWYG days of Geocities.

Since becoming enamored with the web back in 1996, he has built up formidable skills in CSS, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. The web has changed a lot since Toby began building websites in the mid-1990's, but his dedication to creating beautiful online experiences has remained steady.

Toby is co-founder of the Minneapolis-St. Paul WordPress User Group. He is also an avid blogger, and singer-songwriter. His goals include being active in the local WordPress community and helping people and companies communicate on a more personal level online.

He is the author of the Simple Pull Quote WordPress plugin, The Mighty Moo! WordPress theme, and can regularly be seen speaking about WordPress at local events.

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