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Curt has a passion for mobile and B2B tech, especially startups. He's help numerous companies over the last 16 years to generate revenue, expand marketshare and earn recognition through *pragmatic* marketing strategies and tactics.
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Minnesota software and business community leader.
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Jeff Lin is the Founder of Bust Out Solutions, Inc. and an adjunct faculty member at Hennepin Technical College where he teaches Web Design and Production. He started Bust Out Solutions in 2004 while house sitting in Hawaii. Yeah, tough work. In addition to a decade and a half in the software/web/mobile industry, Jeff also enjoys competitive soccer, paddles a hot orange kayak around the lakes, drinks good beer with lots of friends (or lots of beer with good friends), and hangs out with his wife and dog in Uptown, Minneapolis.
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Faculty at Rasmussen College in the School of Design. I teach in the Multimedia Technologies program.
Jon Dahl is a hacker and entrepreneur who co-founded Slantwise Design in 2003, which became Minnesota's leading Ruby on Rails development shop. He has since moved into the startup world, and is currently co-founder of Zencoder, a Y Combinator-backed startup that builds cloud computing tools for web and mobile video. In between, he blogged at Rail Spikes, received an MA in Theology, and founded Tumblon, a web-based startup for parents of young children.
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Luke Francl is a long-time web application developer, using everything from Perl to Tcl (yes, really!). Lately, he's focused on Ruby on Rails and Google App Engine. A Y Combinator alumni, he is also co-founder of Minne✱, which organizes MinneBar, one of the largest BarCamps in the world. He is the co-author of the PeepCode ebook "Receiving Email with Ruby" and has spoken at conferences around the world.
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Founder of Pedal Brain
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Michael Gorman is a founding Managing Director of Split Rock Partners. Gorman focuses on investments in software and internet services companies based in Minnesota and the surrounding region.
Mike Bollinger is a designer, coder, entrepreneur, and explorer. He is founder of Livefront, a mobile software design & development firm, and co-founder of TECHdotMN, a media group covering technology news in Minnesota. Mike has been designing and building mobile and web software for 14 years with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. He is an active member of the Minnesota technology community, a regular speaker at local events, and is on the Board of Directors for two non-profit organizations: Cheerful Givers and BizLounge. In his spare time Mike is an avid world traveler, a musician, a photographer, and a super-fast-sailboat-racer-guy.
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Mike Willbanks is a software engineer manager at CaringBridge, a nonprofit providing free websites that connect people experiencing a significant health challenge to family and friends. He has more than a decade of experience programming the web with the majority being with PHP. He is a Zend Certified Engineer and focuses on high availability and high performance applications. Mike organizes the MNPHP User Group and has a passion for knowledge sharing and contributing back to the community.
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Paul fell in love with programming at first sight on an Apple ][+ in 1982, and never looked back. Living a secret double life as a classically trained composer and pianist, he brings a musician's passion for aesthetics and nuanced detail to the craft of software.
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Entrepreneur, designer, developer, & photographer. Co-founder of Spice Apps LLC
Toby is a full-time WordPress designer and developer with The Mighty Mo! Design Co. He has 13 years of website-designing and building experience, dating back to pre-WYSIWYG days of Geocities.

Since becoming enamored with the web back in 1996, he has built up formidable skills in CSS, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. The web has changed a lot since Toby began building websites in the mid-1990's, but his dedication to creating beautiful online experiences has remained steady.

Toby is co-founder of the Minneapolis-St. Paul WordPress User Group. He is also an avid blogger, and singer-songwriter. His goals include being active in the local WordPress community and helping people and companies communicate on a more personal level online.

He is the author of the Simple Pull Quote WordPress plugin, The Mighty Moo! WordPress theme, and can regularly be seen speaking about WordPress at local events.

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