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This event occurred 3937 days ago.
Start date May 10, 2008
End date May 10, 2008
Attendance 432
Location University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
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7 Deadly Sins of Startup Marketing
by Curt Prins

Android: Google's Software Stack for Mobile Devices
by Jan Poehland, Jennifer Sly, Chris Mitra, Cyrus Master

Blogging for Benjamins: How To Turn Your Topical Blog Into Cash
by Jeramey Jannene

CSS frameworks when and why to use them
by Norman Orstad

Communication For Geeks:How to Influence Your Boss, Your Customers, And Your Team
by Brian Huff

Consulting for fun and profit
by Jon Dahl

DJ Edna and Django: Software For The Rockstar's Geek Friend
by Thomas Bohmbach Jr.

Design Coding Panel Discussion
by Ben Edwards, Mike Bollinger, Margaret Andrews, Darrell Austin, Norman Orstad

Discussion: Tech and Process to Build Kickass Web Dev Teams
by Tom O'Neill, Mark Hurlburt

Distributed Teamwork: How to succeed with a team you never see
by Nick Bauman, Dave Borillo, Barry Hess, Jeff Lin

Enterprise Information Mashups: Web 2.0 + SOA +Data Visulization
by Jamshid A. Vayghan

Enterprise Management for the Mac OS
by Chip Pearson

Farmsourcing Rails: or How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Enterprise
by Matt Bauer

GTD for Startups
by Doreen Hartzell, Eric Hedberg

How a Continuous Integration Server changes your team
by Brian Westrich

Ill with a keyboard. Sick with a mouse.
by John Mindiola III

Immersive Environments:More Than a Game
by John A. Grozik

Intro to iPhone Development
by Jesse O'Neill-Oine

Lightning Talks (MinneBar 3)
by Luke Francl

Memcached and MySQL Sitting in a Tree
by Chris Barber

Merb 1.0: Ruby on Rails that Scales
by Kyle Drake, Kyle Wilson

Metaprogramming in Groovy
by Scott Vlaminck

PHP Security 101: Securing Your PHP Applications
by Mike Willbanks

Power WordPress plus MinneWordCamp Discussion
by Jamie Thingelstad

Presentation and Discussion: E-Democracy - Online Neighborhoods
by Tim Erickson

Presentation and Discussion: Groupserver
by Tim Erickson

Put information in the rear-view mirror - ride with knowledge
by Joe Roushar

Rapid Application Development in Action, Minnesota Daily Finals Edition
by Tom Bishop, Kyle Cunningham, Son Huynh, Zach Valentiner, Ryan Bailey

Really Simple CMS with CakePHP
by George Walker

Refresh TwinCities
by Thomas Knoll

by Charles Gimon

Rough Spots with Agile Development
by Robert Fischer, Andy Tinkham, Gretchen Enger, Paul Julius, Scott Vlaminck, Ross Niemi

Scaling with Software
by Austin Smithand, Eric Tremper

Screw You LAMP. Plus Virtualization
by Dan Grigsby

Set up a Continuous Integration Server in 10 minutes
by Brian Westrich

Small Teams, Big Results
by Ben Edwards

Social Search in the Corporate Enviroment
by Rich Hoeg

Stackless Python Twisted-Style -- There will be blood
by Shawn Butler

State of the State: Technology in Minnesota
by Douglas Olson, Jamie Thingelstad, Michael Gorman, Robert Stephens, Dan Grigsby, Matthew Dornquast

Storing and re-using files for the long term: A Think Tanky, Panel-ish Conversation
by Matt Zumwalt

The Mathematical Foundations of Music
by Paul Cantrell

The spectrum of user experience design and testing: From Full Scale to Quick and Cheap
by Kevin Farner

This Thing called Twitter
by Peter Fleck, Rick Mahn

Twin Cities Open Circuit & Free Geek
by Amanda Luker, Thomas Saunders, Alan Palazzolo

Why Drupal?
by Allie Micka

Why Should I Care About Grails?
by Mike Calvo

Wordpress as a Content Management System
by Toby Cryns

XMPP on the Web: Soashable
by Harlan Iverson


Alan Palazzolo

Allie Micka

Amanda Luker

Andy Tinkham

Austin Smithand

Barry Hess

Ben Edwards

Designer and client-side coder. Founded Minnesota's Barcamp and together with Luke Francl put together various events and programs throughout the year aimed at catalyzing tech and design innovation and a startup culture within the state. Co-Founder of Refactr LLC, a consultancy and product development shop focused on rapidly developing and deploying web and mobile applications.

Brian Huff

Brian Westrich

Charles Gimon

Chip Pearson

Chris Barber

Chris Mitra

Curt Prins

Cyrus Master

Dan Grigsby

Darrell Austin

Dave Borillo

Doreen Hartzell

Douglas Olson

Eric Hedberg

Eric Tremper

George Walker

Gretchen Enger

Harlan Iverson

Jamie Thingelstad

Jamie is CTO of SPS Commerce, the retail industry's most broadly adopted cloud services platform. Previously, he served as CTO for leading financial publishers including the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, Enterprise Media Group of Dow Jones and MarketWatch, Inc. He was the founding CTO of BigCharts, the leading provider of financial tools and information to consumers and financial services companies via the web. In 1999, BigCharts was acquired by MarketWatch and the technology is still used by Dow Jones & Company today. In addition, Jamie has developed and managed products and technologies for properties including Barron’s, Virtual Stock Exchange, Dow Jones Newswires and Dow Jones Indexes.

Jamshid A. Vayghan

Jan Poehland

Jeff Lin

Jennifer Sly

Jeramey Jannene

Jesse O'Neill-Oine

Joe Roushar

John A. Grozik

John Mindiola III

Jon Dahl

Kevin Farner

Kyle Cunningham

Kyle Drake

Kyle Wilson

Luke Francl

Margaret Andrews

Mark Hurlburt

Matt Bauer

Matt Zumwalt

Matthew Dornquast

Michael Gorman

Mike Bollinger

Mike Calvo

Mike Willbanks

Nick Bauman

Norman Orstad

Paul Cantrell

Paul Julius

Peter Fleck

Rich Hoeg

Rick Mahn

Robert Fischer

Robert Stephens

Ross Niemi

Ryan Bailey

Scott Vlaminck

Shawn Butler

Son Huynh

Thomas Bohmbach Jr.

Thomas Knoll

Thomas is founder & CEO of, a startup advisor, and a connector for the #VegasTech community. He has been a community architect, community cultivator, product designer, social marketer, customer developer, and startup advisor for companies including 500Startups, LaunchRock, Zappos, UserVoice, and Seesmic.

Thomas Saunders

Tim Erickson

Toby Cryns

Tom Bishop

Tom O'Neill

Zach Valentiner

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