Michael Mason Norman


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Minneapolis, MN
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Michael Mason Norman has presented 1 sessions, most recently on [[Has last session date::
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The Great Escape From The Not So Great Career Rut7 May 2011
]], at [[Has event::Has event MinneBar 6]].

  1. The Great Escape From The Not So Great Career Rut at MinneBar 6

Mike is an instructor and coach who supports service organizations in optimizing their connections with current and potential clients.

His understated expertise lies in critiquing customer service engagements and resulting experiences enjoyed or endured by clients.

In addition, he is a master at helping young and older professionals, from all walks of life and organizations, catch-up with the futures of their fields.

Mike shares over twenty-two years of independent consulting experiences with his clients. Dr. Mike to some, has taught management classes at (St. John's in Collegeville, MN) and organizational behavior classes at U. of St. Thomas MBA programs in business.

A native of Missouri and graduate of the University of Missouri--Columbia, he enjoys writing, reading mass quantities of books on science, history, biographies and art. In addition, he hunts pheasants and enjoys fishing. When he has free time he loses himself in photography, Photoshop, video and Final Cut Pro.

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