Job Search = SUCKS: 12 Tips To Make The Process Less Painful


MinneBar 4 (21 November 2009)
This is not a panel.


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Whether by way of layoff/downsizing/rightsizing or by choice doing a job search sucks. Worse, you may be submitting a resume to or or filling out that 7 page online web form that takes 20 minutes to fill out and are getting no responses.

I will cover 12 tips that will make you more effective and help you "Be Your Own Headhunter"

I want you to share what has and has not worked for you and I and the group will give you some ideas to try out.

Paul DeBettignies is Managing Partner of Nerd Search, LLC a Minneapolis IT search firm, author of the Minnesota Headhunter blog, Co Founder and Coordinator of Minnesota Recruiters, frequent speaker and article contributor on recruiter, career, networking and social media topics with his related site Be Your Own Headhunter

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