Is that a Hospital in your Pocket?


MinneBar 4 (21 November 2009)
This is not a panel.


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Ever wonder how India will provide health care to 1 billion people? Or how you'll get a prescription from your doctor in 3 years? Or how we'll actually lower health care costs? The answer rests in 3 billion pockets and purses.

I'll bring a few examples of how mobile technology is opening new avenues in health care around the globe * feel free to bring your own to expand the discussion. Armed with these examples, we'll take the gloves off and wrap our hands around the top barriers to mobile health adoption in the U.S.

Some topics to whet your cranium:

  1. Mobile health is cool until your mom decides to make a call on your phone and discovers you have an do we provide adequate barriers * or does it really matter? I mean, it's already on Facebook...
  2. Is there a Moore's Law waiting to happen in health care as we transfer medicine to the mobile phone?
  3. Is the iPhone the clinic of the future? And if so, does that make Steve Jobs the Surgeon General?
  4. Do you feel better having UnitedHealth or Google/Microsoft store your health data * and why?
  5. How might we use GPS to improve health care? Outbreak data? Prevention? Health-related dating?
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