How to Fireproof Your Career and Chortle at Recession Worries


MinneBar 5 (22 May 2010)
This is not a panel.



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Bad job? No job? No problem.

Learn 5 high-tech and no-tech secrets to real job security from Minnesota Headhunter, Paul DeBettignies, and Star Tribune Careers columnist, Kevin Donlin.

Here they are ...

  1. Get Real (5-10 min.) There's no record in human history of anyone being hired by a computer. What does that mean for you?
  2. Get Social (10 min.) With proven career hacks for Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  3. Get Guerrilla (10 min.) Learn the "job in a box" trick that got one IT guy hired in Mesa, Arizona ... even though he used it on the wrong employer.
  4. Get Recruited (10 min.) The care and feeding of recruiters. How to make them hate you. And like you. Tip: do the latter.
  5. Get Smart (10-15 min.) Q&A on any career topic you can think of. If you stump us, we buy you lunch.

Featuring NO PowerPoint. You're welcome.

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