Hardware Hacking a new musical instrument with an Arduino and an Electric Guitar


MinneBar 10 (11 April 2015)
This is not a panel.
2015-04-11 14:45

Room: Proverb-Edison


[[Image:|120x120px|border|baseline|link=Logan Poelman]]
Logan Poelman

How do you create a new type of musical instrument using the right sensors, arduinos and some clever ergonomic engineering?
I invented a way to play bass and guitar, at the same time,
using the same 4 fingers and thumb you normally use to play guitar,
on a regular old electric guitar.
(with a bunch of software and hardware and sensors)

Learn about analog to digital sampling, physical computing, MIDI, arduino, physical design, prototyping and more!
I will talk about the design issues, coding challenges, going from idea to POC to prototype to pilot.
Design of the pedal: <img src="">

Various parts <img src="">

boards for the POC (too big to actually fit in the pedal)

<img src="">

POC that will evolve into the Prototype of the pedal (the tiny blue board is a Arduino Nano that will be the brains of the pedal. <img src="" alt="picture of guitar pedal prototype">

take a listen/look at:

   the guitar stomp pedal with the OLED display:
initial POC:

improved the software:


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