Google Map API, Web 2.0 Technology, and Renewable Energy


MinneBar 4 (21 November 2009)
This is not a panel.



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Can technology entrepreneurs help solve global climate issues?

How can the Twin Cities area push the web 2.0+ envelope and really make a difference? What are the coolest new web modules you've used?

Topics covered will include the Google API, drag and drop Javascript, AJAX, and other nice ways to present data. We can show a few examples from our sites and other sites to get the conversation moving. Also, let's share our thoughts on the good and the bad of getting technology going in a startup.

For Kevin's site: He can discuss biomass (wood chips, corn stalks, corn cobs, dedicated energy crops) and how the exchange will attempt to tighten the supply chain, empower suppliers (i.e. farmers) and end users (i.e. bio-energy facilities). We are developing our google API functionality now.

For Ben's site: He can discuss how they are using the google API to showcase renewable fuel stations and other energy-saving applications (i.e. hourcar).

You: Will discuss your cool technology and have a few thoughts on how Twin Cities entrepreneurs can work together.

Both of these sites are true startups. Drive Alternatives started in March, 2009. Minneapolis Biomass Exchange in July 2009. Both startups use Ruby on Rails. Would love to see what you're up to!

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