Going Social: Discovering Enterprise Social Media Touch Points


MinneBar 5 (22 May 2010)
This is not a panel.


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Everybody knows social media is only good for advertising, marketing, sales prospecting and branding. At least that's what most large enterprises think of when they think about social media.

The reality is there are many other places where social media can help support the enterprise, from product development to employee retention to crisis communications, and more. In fact, in the socially-optimized enterprise of the future, social computing will be as pervasive as email is today. So what will that enterprise look like, and how will it benefit from going social?

Social Media Performance Group has been building an Enterprise Social Media Framework ™ (ESMF) to map out touch points throughout the typical enterprise structure along with best practices and case studies. In this session, we'll share some of the draft framework and listen to your ideas for novel uses of social computing to solve business problems.

So if you believe social media is about more than marketing, come and share your ideas. If you've got an innovative experience or case study to share, I'm sure the group will love to hear it.

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