Gearman: A Job Server to Scale


MinneBar 7 (7 April 2012)
This is not a panel.
Learn about Gearman, an asynchronous job queue that can help your website scale.

Time: 10:40 to 11:25

Room: Learn


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Gearman is a (a)synchronous job queue that can help your website scale. From image and video processing, to emails, previews and more. Using gearman can help you scale the possibilities. Never again will you be angered at cron running every minute; ensuring correct locking mechanisms to prevent race conditions, not making use of the time to run through jobs immediately and simply managing them to the correct users cron.

This talk will go over general implementation of gearman, optimizing the workflow through code, looking at the short comings and how to handle them and eventually ending up at keeping your workers / daemons running.

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