Five Marketing Points to Tackle BEFORE You Start Coding


MinneBar 6 (7 May 2011)
This is not a panel.



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Ready, Fire, Aim is too common of the practice for tech startups. I'm sick of seeing great technology without one damn solid market, bad products with great customer prospects, and jimmy-rigged bloatware that no one wants.

This session is not about the latest marketing tactics or cutting-edge tactics. It's not about cute social media tricks that will score you cult status. And it's not about leveraging your CRM or ERP or @&#$! implementation to increase your ROI.

It's about getting your shit straight before you even consider crafting that first line of code. It's about understanding your prospect before you start brainstorming your brand. And it's about using common-sense logic upfront before you waste the next six, 12 or 18 months of your life creating crap.

ATTENDEE WARNING: This presentation will be jarring and full of ample blue language. If you're of a sensitive nature, please reconsider registering and your career as a tech entrepreneur.

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