Experience Curating: Filter, Organize, and Share Your Way to Insane Value and Kicking Butt


MinneBar 8 (6 April 2013)
This is not a panel.
Can you smash your overwhelming barriers while turning weaknesses into superpowers… all with a simple system? Yes. You can. By curating your existence – or “Experience Curating” – you can become THE go-to resource for anything that's valuable to you or anyone else. YouTube recording:
Curating, Filtering, Archiving, Organizing, Sharing
2013-04-06 14:00

Time: 14:0 to 14:40

Room: Minnetonka



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How does that awesome person on Twitter or Facebook keep linking to all those valuable resources every freakin’ day?

Why is one friend your single source for design and development and another buddy your go-to startup and hardware dude?

And what the heck drives certain people to rock their physical and digital landscape with intentional filtering, simple organizing, and the instant ability to share what’s relevant to you?

It’s called curating, and this isn’t your grandma’s version like arranging museum artifacts.

“Content curation” has become a buzzword and is used in everything from clever marketing strategies to next-gen websites solving the Google search results crap trap. But why limit your curating to online content? And more importantly, how can you cultivate a curator’s mindset to turn your weaknesses into superpowers?

This interactive session will get you curating like a pro and dazzling your friends, family, and business peers like a magician with a turbocharged wand.

Find out the secret of people who filter their experiences with intention – while seamlessly archiving, categorizing, and adding context for the best stuff – and make those experiences accessible and sharable for their future benefit and the use of others. Develop new skills and add all these things to your personal toolkit in less time than it takes to eat lunch:

1. What topics and experiences you could curate to become everyone’s best friend
2. How to capture any moment and make it insanely valuable for years to come
3. How to set up a curating system and the best practices in customizing one
4. The practical and emotional benefits pulsing through the world’s best curators
5. How providing context turns a “meh” interaction into an “oh yeah!” engagement
6. Who can help burst the filter and algorithm bubble you don’t even know you’re in
7. Why curating is beautiful self-expression... and builds sweet problem-solving skills
8. How you’re already curating and why poor technique might be holding back your potential

If it happened or will happen, you can curate it. Yes folks, this is the thing that helps you with all the other important things.

It’s not about what you consume. It’s about how you experience the world and the value you generate from it. So if it’s health, money, amazing relationships, and overcoming being overwhelmed you seek, curating is your Swiss Army Knife. It’s about time that something so unsexy unlocked benefits that are so... frickin'... sizzling.

See the YouTube recording here:

See the session information here:

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