Developing an Android RESTful Client App


MinneBar 7 (7 April 2012)
This is not a panel.
Learn from an open source reference implementation of an Android REST client app.

Time: 9:40 to 10:25

Room: Learn



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At GoogleIO 2010, Virgil Dobjanschi introduced a compelling pattern for building robust Android applications that rely on REST APIs. But the presentation detailed only a design, no implementation details were provided. Since that time developers have been searching for examples that demonstrate how to implement this pattern, but have been left asking

"Where's the source code?"

This year the Android Users Group of MN ( started an open source project, led by Jeremy Haberman, Peter Pascale and Brad Armstrong, that aims to provide a reference implementation and example application that finally provides the missing code.

In this session Brad and Jeremy will explain the pattern, dive into the code and share how you can get involved.

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