Crowdfunding: Fact or Crap?


MinneBar 7 (7 April 2012)
This is a panel session.
A panel discussion on crowdfunding from donations all the way to raising capital.

Time: 10:40 to 11:25

Room: Nokomis


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This interactive group discussion will include an overview of the crowdfunding platforms from donation-based sites (Kickstarter & IndieGogo), P2P lending networks (LendingClub & Prosper), Investor relations / connector sites (AngelList & Gust) and distill it into a relevant dialogue with all participants panel and the audience on why to use these tools, what can be used effectively for you today, what these could look like with the recent passage of the JOBS Act and the legal implications of digital media in raising raise capital.

The panel will include entrepreneurs using digital media to access capital, experts on the use of these platforms and corporate securities attorney(s) that will likely be calling out the crap portion of what can legally work!

Speaker, Entrepreneur & Advocate Patrick Donohue will introduce the facts on the subject and will moderate the discussion to uncover facts and crap about the role of digital media in raising capital.

We are crowdsourcing the discussion at #CapForum

Questions for group discussion around digital media and it's role in raising capital? Let us know! pd(at)


Moderator: Patrick Donohue, founder, @DealPen (

Joe Serrano, co-founder, Mashalot (@333serrano /

Harold Slawik, partner, New Counsel: (@hslawik /

Colin Hirdman, co-founder, Monkey Island, Inc. (@colinhirdman /

Jeff Robbins, attorney, Messerli & Kramer (

Zach Robins, associate, Aethlon Capital (

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