Creating Small Teams that Kick A$$ and take names


MinneBar 10 (11 April 2015)
This is not a panel.
2015-04-11 14:45

Room: Calhoun


[[Image:|120x120px|border|baseline|link=Chip Pedersen]]
Chip Pedersen

This is and interactive talk **NOT** a lecture. Tired of working at a big company? Want to start your own small team, studio or startup? Managing smaller teams, budgets and timelines are much different than when you had levels of management or a large company behind you. You will need to take a completely different approach when creating your own team. you need to be be prepared to manage communicate and interact with your studio team.

  • Seal Team 6 vs the Fab 5
  • Right people, Right role
  • Who’s in charge?
  • Who is your cheerleader?
  • We don’t need a stinking producer (Yes you do)
  • Communication is even more important for a smaller team
  • You will need a better firing policy than hiring policy
  • Onsite/Offsite?

This talk is **NOT** about how to get funding. This is after you have the funds and starting to build the team. Find a lawyer, an accountant and a benefit person for other items you will need. This is about building and managing a successful team.

Intended audience & prerequisites: Anyone who is starting a new small team or would like to improve how the team interacts.

Session takeaways: Attendees will have a better understanding how to build a small team, manage them, communicate with them and create your own norms.

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