Content is a Banquet: Trends, Tactics, Tools


MinneBar 6 (7 May 2011)
This is not a panel.


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Content is a banquet, be that a fancy feast, all-you-can-eat buffet, sliding-scale vegan fundraiser, or maybe just an endless highway of fast food joints. Digital content is consumed on impulse, from desire, with abandon, and in real time, real fast, across a multitude of devices. How can content managers and engineers keep up with the demand effectively and efficiently?

Content Strategy is a methodology for planning, assessing, sourcing, assembling, delivering, managing, reusing, and governing content through media channels. Content Strategy has evolved from an information architecture for enterprise content through a turning point in web content to a savvy approach for multi-channel marketing and communications.

Hear Content Strategy trends. Learn about tactics. Consider some tools.

Content is a Banquet Slide Deck

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