Color Theory: Hot-Neutral-Anchor


MinneBar 7 (7 April 2012)
This is not a panel.
Discuss the Hot-Neutral-Anchor approach for generating color schemes.

Time: 13:50 to 14:35

Room: Theater



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Hot-Neutral-Anchor is an approach to generating color schemes loosely based on the HSV model. It doesn't deny the merits of the 12-point wheel of subtractive color or the venn diagram of additive color. These are valuable tools, but they focus entirely on hue. Hot-Neutral-Anchor focuses on differences in saturation and value to create rich and balanced combinations.

Hot-Neutral-Anchor isn't anything new, and for many of us it's probably something we do intuitively. It's mostly a labeling mechanism that creatives and non-creatives can easily understand. And, it's completely flexible and modular.

All this said, it's just one approach to generating and identifying color schemes. My approach. And it's still new to me. And I'm still deciding whether it's valuable or not.

How do you create successful color schemes? What if you're working within established brand guidelines? What mnemonic devices, if any, have you found to be helpful?

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