Cliff Robbins


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Sartell, MN
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Cliff Robbins has presented 1 sessions, most recently on [[Has last session date::
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The Secrets of International Talent Acquisition7 April 2012
]], at [[Has event::Has event MinneBar 7]].

  1. The Secrets of International Talent Acquisition at MinneBar 7

Cliff Robbins is a Mobile Software Development Manager at W3i in Sartell, MN.

This is his first whirl at Management with previous gigs as a .net developer for financial institutions. Due to a non-management background, Cliff has had the opportunity to try out various ideas while leading the team; which has ultimately leaded to scaling his team from 1 single agile team into 4 agile teams.

His attitude of being an optimistic realist, along with his passion, is what has helped drive the endeavor.

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