Civic Tech and Open Government Year 1 - Open Twin Cities Showcase


MinneBar 9 (12 April 2014)
This is not a panel.

Time: 09:40 to 10:25

Room: Tackle


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Civic Tech Year in Review

Year 1 of Open Twin Cities has been an exciting time of growth, working with governments, getting political, and media coverage! In this session well highlight exciting civic projects from hackathons, meetups, and more since last years Minnebar session on civic hacking and open government. A short update on Open Twin Cities 2013 Municipal Candidate questionnaire, legislative proposal, and the UMNs CURA: Tech will also be shared.

For a taste of what has happened, checkout this recap video from Capitol Code: An Open Data Jam, a hackathon hosted by Minnesota's Secretary of State in partnership with Open Twin Cities.

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Participate! Ideate! Cogitate!

After this year in review, well invite session participants to break into groups based on project interest as a Hack for Minnesota preview (May 31 - June 1). Session participants will have a chance to gather and talk with leaders of existing civic projects and those who have ideas for new projects.

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