Chasing Waterfalls: Exploring the airwaves with RTL-SDR & software-defined radios


MinneBar 9 (12 April 2014)
This is not a panel.

Time: 10:40 to 11:25

Room: Nokomis


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Recently, mass-produced hardware originally intended to receive digital TV in Europe has been discovered to function as an inexpensive general-purpose radio tuner. Hobbyists have written tons of software to let you listen in and decode a variety of signals sent over the airwaves. Plug a device into your USB port, hook up an antenna, and you have a cheap, wide-coverage scanner or shortwave radio at your disposal - the result is fun!

You won't need a degree in Electrical Engineering to get started, and you especially don't need a pile of money or a bunch of gear.

We'll explore some basic radio concepts and a bunch of neat things you can do with a $20 device and an antenna: listening to conventional broadcast radio, tuning in to ham radio operators and shortwave radio stations around the globe, tracking nearby aircraft, decoding various digital transmissions, reading your weather station, and more!

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