Building the Elevator Art Shanty and a Raspberry Pi Powered T-Shirt Cannon, and CatFeeder


MinneBar 10 (11 April 2015)
This is not a panel.
2015-04-11 15:45

Room: Harriet


[[Image:|120x120px|border|baseline|link=David Bryan]]
David Bryan
[[Image:|120x120px|border|baseline|link=Cali Mastny]]
Cali Mastny
[[Image:|120x120px|border|baseline|link=Caly McMorrow]]
Caly McMorrow
[[Image:|120x120px|border|baseline|link=Aaron Prust]]
Aaron Prust
[[Image:|120x120px|border|baseline|link=Matt Mackall]]
Matt Mackall


[Art Shanty Projects]( has been a long standing every other year event. A dozen or so artists build "Ice Houses" that have amazing themes, and then place them on a frozen lake in the middle of winter.

A group of folks came together to build [Elevator Shanty]( It is an Elevator simulator and experience generator. It was built by a team of 14 people in total. A subset of us wired up the hardware and programed the software for the "elevator experience". The inside was powered by several Adruinos, and a Linux computer running a custom written Python program.

We had a lot of fun making it- and would love to do a quick overview of what we did- and how we programed it.

Additionally, David Bryan will also show off a T-Shirt Cannon, and a Cat feeder that are both powered by a Raspberry Pi. [David Bryan's Blog]( "David Bryan's Blog")




  • David Bryan
  • Matt Mackall
  • Cali Masteny
  • Caly McMorrow
  • Aaron Prust

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