Bowling for Marketshare--How to Grow Your Startup by Narrowing Its Focus


MinneBar 5 (22 May 2010)
This is not a panel.



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Entrepreneurs are built to uncover and exploit opportunities. With this inane skill come bad habits that can lead us into money-losing endeavors: focusing on too many target markets, not testing assumptions and using infrequent marketing tactics. Any one of them alone would be a drain on your hard-earned cash reserves.

This session will showcase the Bowling Pin Method for Segmented Growth. This is a disciplined process that narrows your target market(s) into segmented niches, refocuses development efforts, leverages lead generation to build sales pipelines, and nurtures prospects into customers. This common sense approach focuses on a disciplined, gradual process for helping startups of any size grow their sales.

This ongoing process can start producing within 90-120 days, and lead to higher market share, more profitable sales and easier entry unto new markets over time.

I'm looking for a startup or emerging company to walk-through this process in front of the group. Please contact me:

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