List of tools used by minnestar


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minne✱ uses a number of tools to organize and function. Here is a directory.

minne✱ wiki

minne✱ wiki has a variety of uses. It is the central archive for all events, sessions and presenter information. If you have questions about the wiki the best person to ask is Jamie Thingelstad. If you would like to get more involved with the wiki and the data it stores there is a minnestar-wiki-l mailing list you can join.

minne✱ team site

This WordPress P2 site is intended to be a hub where anyone in minne✱ can share and post information with other volunteers.

minne✱ listserve

minne✱ runs an instance of mailman and can run any number of mailing lists with it. All lists are hosted at


The sessionizer is used to crowdsource sessions for minnebar and to host the session schedule during minnebar.


Use to send mass emails for minne✱.

Donor Tools

Tool that we use to receive donations from companies and individuals.


Asana is used to coordinate tasks and do project management around events.

Helpdesk (login)

(evaluating) We use osTicket to manage inbound requests for help on a variety of topics.

QuickBooks Online

Financial system. See Board:Charter of accounts.


Receive payments, integrates with Donor Tools.


Where we host most minne✱ videos.

Google Apps

This is where we run minne✱ email.


Sponsor that hosts minne✱ virtual server.


See Board:Social media accounts.

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