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The minne* Revenue Committee is focused on ensuring revenue goals are met as outlined in the strategic plan.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Establish sponsorship plan and options
  • Ensure activities to obtain/retain sponsorships for events and operations
Community Supporters
  • Establish overall community supporters plan
  • Complete transactions for new and renewed community supporters

Decision Process

Discussion and consensus reached within the purpose and areas of responsibility of the Revenue Committee. If consensus cannot be reached, a vote will be conducted. Voting requires a quorum consisting of a majority of members.

Membership and Composition of Committee

There is a minimum of 2 members on the committee:

  • Two or more members from the board of directors
  • Executive Director (if exists)

Terms of Committee Members

Members commit to service for at least one year. In general, members are invited to serve for as long as they desire. The committee year is consistent with that of the Board of Directors.

Frequency of Meetings

The committee will meet 5-10 times a year.

Attendance Expectations

Members are expected to attend all committee meetings. If a member misses three consecutive meetings without notification that staff or the Committee Chair, the committee chair reserves the right to request the member’s resignation from the committee. Participating via audio or video conferencing constitutes attendance at a meeting.


The Chair of the committee is appointed by the minne* Board Chair.


Notes are taken and reviewed by the committee.

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