Meetings/December 7 2012 - Board update


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In lieu of a December 2012 board meeting this writeup was circulated to update board members on status.

  • MinneDemo 13 is planned and underway in just a few days.
    • A typical lineup in the past was 10 demos with an intermission; this time we are trying 7 demos, no intermission.
  • The new minne✱ website was launched this week! Huge kudos to Ben, Adrienne, Casey, and Dylan on this project!
    • Next up: new email templates to coordinate with the website.
  • A new team minne✱ website was launched to help minne✱ volunteers (catalysts, event volunteers, board) collaborate. Register an account to join the fun.
  • Basecamp is being terminated.
  • Adrienne has identified an accountant for us to work with.
    • Moving forward with agreement that will have a monthly cap on expense.
  • Created Catalysts of the Year program and announcing 2012 honorees at MinneDemo 13.
  • Next potential event: Community Supporter and Sponsor Happy Hour (target = January)
  • (to do) Board meeting schedule for 2013
  • (to do) Board:Strategy Session 2012 agenda drafted

Follow up from previous to-dos: (fill in any updates)

  • talk to Olson Thielen about bookkeeping help (Kevin)
  • draft 2013 budget (Jamie)
  • look into back-office administrative support services (bookkeeping, invoicing, etc.) (Sona)- SENT
    • Follow up on back-office support and determine if they are a good fit (Adrienne)
  • talk to venue possibilities for MinneBar (Jim)
  • schedule Board Strategy session (Jamie) -complete, December 17th
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