Board Meeting (July 17 2015)


Proposed Agenda

Start time July 17, 2015 07:30:00 AM
End time July 17, 09:30:00 AM
Location SPS Commerce, 333 South 7th Street, Suite 1000, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Attendees Thingles, Justin, Alex, Caseyhelbling, Adrienne, Jbernard, Smerhing

UNAPPROVED Board Meeting Minutes July 17, 2015

Proposed Agenda


July 17th, 2015

A meeting of the Board of Directors of minne✱, a Minnesota not for profit corporation (the “Company”) was held on Friday, July 17th, 2015 at approximately 7:30 a.m. central time at SPS Commerce, 333 South 7th Street, Suite 1000, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

Jamie Thingelstad, acted as chairman of the meeting, and Casey Helbling acted as secretary of the meeting. A quorum of the directors being present, the meeting was called to order.

→ Jamie Call to Order: 7:30 am

   If there is a conflict of interest - recuse yourself from those conversations.

Approve Minutes March 27, 2015

Approve Minutes May 15, 2015

Motion to approve Minutes from previous meetings (Jamie) --> Second Jim ! Passes Unanimous

Treasure's report (Sona)

  • Revenue committee did great work
  • Cash position is strong
  • We opened a new reserve account
    • It has a full MinneBar worth in the reserve account ($45k)
  • Paypal was transferred into primary account
  • Can we get Alex a card (Asks Adrienne)
    • Discussion about maybe just getting a Visa card
    • At a minimum we will get Alex a Debit card
    • Alex and Adrienne will do that

Revenue Committee Report (Justin/Jim)

  • Found our first sponsor for 2016 (Latitude Group)
  • 35 people have RSVPd for VIP Event at MinneDemo 20
    • Clay Collins / Rob / Jim Bernard will talk at the VIP event
  • Justin's plan is late Sept, early October to go back to all big sponsors and see if they want to re-up
  • Revenue committee feels good about 2016
  • One evaluation needs to happen is are the levels working
  • We also still need to make sure sponsors that ask us to tweet/email we actually do.
  • MinneStar sponsor's dinner late September
  • Jamie notes: that the community is hot right now - we just need to note that.
  • Sona notes: Community supporter group could continue to grow significantly.

Executive Committee (Jamie)

  • Have not had a board meeting of late
  • Created the reserve account
  • Budget is in progress (We can do 2016 at the same time as 2015)
  • Board nomination list (Exec committee will cull the list)
    • this is a likely agenda item for October Retreat

Event Committee (Adrienne)

MinneHour Recap
  • June 30th - 36 people showed up / checked in (LynLake Brewery)
  • Newer sponsors were there - Sports Radar, ILM, etc
  • Fewer minnehours this year than expected
Past MinneDemo Video
  • Alex working with Jim to create a 7-10 minute piece well show at MinneDemo20
  • 140 people on the list we contacted (55 people responded)
  • A recommendation that we might want to break it up into smaller pieces
MinneDemo 20
  • At The Depot July 23rd
  • A little more expensive but still within budget
MinneDemo 21
  • September 10th at the Riverview

MinneDemo Duluth
  • Jim/Alex trying to get this kicked off
  • Sponsorships should not be commingled
  • We can run an outstate event as a 'special event'
  • Alex to keep exploring and propose back to the board any desired action
Women Pitch Clinic
  • An event during startup week. No money or list to them ... but we can retweet etc.

MinneBar 11
  • Let's get a real price from a real event center
  • BBY points of pain typically include the legal obligation (beer) stuff (and a bunch of other things.)
  • Alex still looking at new venues

Old Business

  • Matt - in holding pattern

New Business

  • Hannah Grims
  • Casey/Adrienne to meet and greet
  • Operations Assistant maybe
  • Be careful about how we frame the position
  • Let's also write the job description

Next Board Meeting
  • Sept 18th, 2015

→ Adjourned 9:03

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