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MinneBar is the top event in Minnesota technology the entire year.

It's the best place to keep a finger on the pulse of technology. I gain more insight and understanding from MinneBar than anywhere else.

It was an enjoyable experience. I learned cool things. It reinvigorated my passion for working locally in IT. I believe that the subtle benefits will pay tremendous dividend in the long run. It provides a tremendous benefit to the Twin Cities, and I love this area and want to benefit it.

One of the best conferences of any kind.

It is the #1 place that you must be if you are an entrepreneur or a tech geek in Minnesota... THE END.

I was really impressed. It was a really fun event and I have this huge list of stuff I want to go learn more about which is always a great way to end a conference!

Had a great time with good friends at #minnebar!

@minnebar is consistently one of the best local tech events of the year.
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