Black Swans: GME-2 and Orbo


MinneBar 4 (21 November 2009)
This is not a panel.


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"Black swans" are the extraordinary exceptions of scientific discovery most likely to increase economic competitiveness and cause profound shifts in our ordered world. This is a session about predicting technology black swans despite unpredictability being one of their defining features. We'll look at the design and social implications of two //possible// black swans:

* GME-2 is a device for generating gravity-like fields. Its predecessor (GME-1) was funded by the European Space Agency. Zero-g playgrounds, flying cars... and how about an industrial spaceport in Duluth?

-Orbo technology is a power source replacement for batteries. Its IP was developed by Irish engineering firm Steorn. Orbo means electric vehicles and electronics that never need recharging. Think Minnesota's plan for 25% renewables by 2025 is ambitious? How about 75% by 2025?

Focus: What they would mean for the future, not-so-much how they work. Edgy stuff but not snake oil. Recommended for the venturesome.

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